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I enjoy your newsletters and have been able to use their creative ideas in our office. Becky E.

It makes me feel so much more confident knowing that when I am reading your newsletters,I am getting information from a real person who is genuinely interested in helping others. Thank you for your inspirations. Tamara D.

I love the Confidence Center Newsletter. I've started using the -Word of the Week- in my training classes. These are action words that team members can see leaders exhibiting. Also, you have great tips that can be shared with others. Linda K.

The best part of your newsletter to me is your quotations and trivia questions. Newsletter #221 of 11/2/04 has one of the best quotes I've heard yet. "Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary." - Margaret Cousins

Thank you very much for all your wonderful newsletters......I appreciate receiving them every week! :) - Linda McCormack

Every issue of your newsletter that has been sent to me has been utilized to its fullest. I appreciate and look forward to receiving a new one each week. The information is very informative and enlightening. I share the good news with my co workers each week in our Plan of the Week newsletter and I always remember to give credit to the writers. Please keep me on the email list. - Charolett Medley

I always enjoy your Trivia and neat employee activities and morale boosters. Thanks - Annette Fortune, Fairbanks North Star Borough, Human Resources/Risk Technician

I read every newsletter and forward it to those I feel would benefit from it. My daughter even has said thank you for some of the articles. Thank you for all the information and all the resources available. - Elizabeth M. Isam. Regional HR Mgr., Regional Office Dallas

I have truly enjoyed your e-newsletters. The information contained within each issue is very helpful and inspiring for a new supervisor like myself. - Todd McAllister

Its hard to tell you what I don't like about your newsletter - because it is nothing. I first signed up because I was assigned to a "morale" work group in the hope to keep department morale positive.  I'm no longer a member of that department or work group, but I truly enjoy your newsletter because I try to apply the ideas in my personal life. The activities are awesome and the confidence builders are inspiring not to mention the jokes at the end of each email.  I look forward to each issue. Subscription for managers and supervisors should be mandatory reading for all companies. Thank you. - Caryl Bugert, Kaiser Permanente, EAP Department

I love reading the articles because they brighten my day and the jokes make me smile. - Vanessa Britain, Human Resources Asst., Grizzly Industrial

This is an awesome newsletter. - Hope Wharton

Thanks so much Harriet! I use all of your terrific stuff EVERY WEEK. - Mary Ann Dunkum

Thanks so much for your newsletter. I really enjoy it and have used a LOT of your ideas in my work area. - Lynda Heestand

I am delighted to receive your newsletter! I look forward to receiving it regularly and using its content. - Regina Hunt

I look forward to receiving your emails every week - and feel that I benefit from them enormously. - Angela Osman

I love reading each one of your newsletter, the long and shorter ones. This one has already been helpful to me and I feel it will help our employees as well. Thank you. - Ruth Burton

I receive your weekly newsletters and use your employee morale ideas quite frequently. - Barbara M. Daniels, Durham County DSS, Food Stamp Program Manager

I have valued your emails and frequently quote your sayings in our weekly memo to staff for inspiration. I have also been able to use your morale survey to help assess staff. Thank you - Kim Moir

Just a note to say thank you for the newsletters I have been receiving all year. I have used many of your ideas and have even purchased some publications. My ability to manage my team and to create a positive, enthusiastic workplace has really improved with your help. I have benefited from your tips on for self-improvement, as well.
I can honestly say this is one newsletter I look forward to receiving each week, because I use it! Thanks again
- Susan Reisinge, Contact Center Supervisor, Humana Military Healthcare Services

Information is practical, down-to-earth advice. - Eleanor O'Toole

I have enjoyed receiving the Employee Morale Newsletter. I share the "Word of the Week", "Quote of the Week" and the Trivia with my staff. The morale articles are informative and have become a valuable resource for me. - Pandora Pierce

I do read your newsletter each week. I pass along any fun tips to our "fun committee," and frequently post the quote of the week and word of the week on my screen saver. Fellow employees enjoy coming into my cube to see what is on the screen that week. - Karen

I enjoy your ideas for perking up the office environment and improving morale. Thanks! - Martha Reabold

Your newsletter always has great information to use in managing people. There is always something meaningful to use. - Pam Obarr

I love your newsletter. I post many of your quotes on my bulletin board outside my office and I have purchased your e-books for training sessions with managers. I look forward to your newsletter; it gives me great ideas and a little break from a very hectic schedule. Thanks! - Tammie Lawrence, Human Resource Manager

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