Build Your World

Build Your World - eBook

by Dan Meyerson

Simple Strategies for Happiness and Success in 5 Key Life Areas

(Plus 8 Bonus eBooks)

Is your life confusing and frustrating??? Question Mark

Check boxDo you often wonder why some people seem to breeze through life while you struggle?

Check boxAre you so overwhelmed that you don't know where to begin to find happiness and success?

Check boxAre you "Spinning Your Wheels" and seem to be getting nowhere?

Check boxWould you like to know the secrets that successful people use on a daily basis to build the life they love?

Check boxDo you want to know how to turn a boring, stressful life into an exciting adventure?

There's never been a better time for you to discover the answers. The world is in the "palm of your hands!"

The world in the palm of your hands

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them."
Henry David Thoreau

If you're sick & tired of spinning your wheels and living an unhappy, unfulfilling life, this ebook, Build Your World, by Dan Meyerson, is your roadmap to Happiness and Success.

Not just another self-help book...

Build Your World is a tips ebook filled with a lot of practical strategies and tips - and not a lot of fluff.

Simply stated, it gives you the materials and tools that you need to build the life you love! And, what's more... you will be able to download the ebook immediately after your purchase and start building the life you love... TODAY!

The World is in the "Palm of Your Hands"

5 Key Areas to build your world

1. Build Your Personal Life

2. Build Your Physical Health

3. Build Your Financial Wealth

4. Build a Career You Love

5. Build an Exciting Social Life

The world in the palm of your hands


What you will learn:

Goal setting strategies that work: How to set goals the right way so you can build the life you want.

Organizing tips: Three easy ways to get organized and stay organized.

Healthy Living Tips: A list of 70 tasty, healthy foods you can add to your regimen to gain energy and vitality.

Financial Peace of Mind: A simplified approach to creating an overall personal financial plan for yourself with tips on becoming debt free and build financial security.

The 5 essential career segments: Learn what they are and how to combine them into a career that you love, so that you can't wait to go to work on Monday morning.

7 ways to improve your social life: No more lonely times... Build Your World contains easy ways to get to know people who share your interests and values. Learn how to build a world of fulfilling and even lifelong, relationships.

Valuable resources: Links to helpful web sites for additional information and guidance.

As a result of reading this ebook you will be able to:

  • Handle difficulties more effectively
  • Get organized
  • Keep your priorities straight
  • Add meaning and fulfillment to your life
  • Revitalize and renew your energy
  • Gain financial freedom
  • and so much more...

There's never been a better time for you to build and shape your world with the information in the ebook, Build Your World!

Build Your World


And that's not all...

You also get these 8 Free Bonus eBooks...

and a Lifetime, No Risk, Money Back Guarantee:

Bonus #1

How To Set And Achieve A Goal

A Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial complete with 9 worksheets to help you succeed.

by Arina Nikitina

ebook cover




Bonus # 2

Even more goal setting forms in the

Goals Magic System


ebook cover


Bonus #3

35 Questions that Will Change Your Life

Discovering Your Truth about Love, Work, Play, Friendships, Purpose, Problems and Gratitude
by Mitch Meyerson

Book cover


Bonus #4

“The Secret to Winning Every Single Time… In Everything You Do”

By Jim Edwards

ebook cover


Bonus #5

The Art of Getting What You Want

with Wayne R. Coffey

ebook cover


Bonus #6

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

ebook cover


Bonus #7

A special Report

The 4 Oasis of Wealth

by Laurence Wilson



Bonus #8

Symphony of Love Quotations

Beautiful pictures of flowers with heartwarming quotations... suitable for framing.

ebook cover


Just one of the many valuable tips in the ebook, Build Your World, can help you create happiness and success. And, what's even better... you have nothing to risk...

Our No Risk Lifetime Guarantee

You owe it to your yourself - to have this valuable Tips Ebook. If you are not delighted with the, Build Your World Tips Ebook, we will give you an immediate and full 100% refund. No Questions Asked. What's more...You can even keep the ebook. This is a truly risk free purchase.

How much does Build Your World eBook cost?

This ebook is incredibly budget minded, and for a short time, the introductory price (Reg. $47) is only $37.

We are able to sell this at such a low cost because we save money on printing and shipping. And... if you want to print it, you can do that, too, and put it in a notebook for easy reference.

So... don't waste another minute spinning your wheels! Stop spinning, and start Building Your World... Today!

Buy now and download immediately – Just one tip can make the difference in your life. It's your choice... don't choose frustration... choose happiness and success as you Build Your World!

There's never been a better time for you to Build Your World!

Build Your World

Limited time introductory offer (Reg. $47) only $37

Includes all 8 bonus ebooks

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Download "Build Your World" and the 8 Free Bonus eBooks immediately after purchase!


What will happen if you don't buy the Build Your World eBook?


That's right. Nothing will change, and what's worse, nothing will improve.

  • You will keep spinning your wheels.
  • You will have the same frustrations.
  • You won't have the information handy and at your fingertips on how to improve your life so everything will stay the same.

Remember, the world is in the palm of your hands.

The world in the palm of your hands

Learn how to build the world you want. Purchase, Build Your World, and get all 8 Bonus eBooks Free. Download immediately and start using them TODAY!

PS. Remember, it's backed by our No-Risk Lifetime Guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by making this purchase.

Build Your World

Limited time introductory offer (Reg. $47) only $37

Includes all 8 bonus ebooks

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