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No company is safe. From the executive board room to the mailroom, it’s a silent epidemic sweeping through the nation; its effects are visible, right under your nose- within your own company, and within many other companies – just like yours…

Its causalities are productivity and profit – where millions never- to- be- seen- again revenues, seem to vanish out the back door.

All because of low employee morale, poor attitudes and a negative working atmosphere.

Recent reports from HR Direct points out that a company of 100 employees could stand to lose nearly $75,000 per year due to absenteeism and tardiness.

Here’s the Million Dollar question…

"Why is low employee morale so rampant …so extensive …so seemly out of control across our nation? And is there anything you can do to raise employee morale and decrease employee turnover...?"

Good question…I’ll answer that in a moment... but first a true story...

One day, I stopped in to see a client.The large call center room was painted stark white. Numerous white pillars were surrounded by gray work stations. I had gone there because the manager had asked me to help raise employee morale. Absenteeism at the call center was so high they had to employ extra people in anticipation of absentees.

My first thought was, "Something has to be done about these depressing surroundings..."

"Can you paint the room a soft pastel color," I asked?

"Sorry," she answered, "We don't have the budget."

"Well." I suggested, "How about putting silk flowers throughout the call center."

"Sorry," she answered, "We don't have the budget for that either."

Grasping at straws, I said, "How about decorating for a holiday each month?"

"I could do that!" she replied."Halloween is coming up next month."

After leaving the call center room, I sat down with the manager and six of her supervisors in a small conference room, and I explained the basic theory of employee morale and gave her ideas about what she could do to bulid an employee motivation program at her company on a shoestring budget. She knew that low employee morale was costing her company a lot of money - in employee turnover and lost sales! I wondered if they would take some action on my suggestions.

I'll finish the story in a minute... but first...

Do you know how much money poor morale is costing your company?

Stop a moment and think – How much does the hiring and training cost when you have to replace only one employee? How much do the hours of lost productivity cost because your staff has low energy? How much is the cost of a lost customer because an employee had a negative attitude on the phone? How much money are you losing because of a lack of employee cooperation and team spirit?

It's all up to you!

Whether you are a supervisor, manager or business owner, solving employee morale problems is up to you.

  • When employees gripe, complain and gossip about conditions at work, it's up to you to create a positive atmosphere and a cooperative spirit.
  • When employees are depressed and lethargic, it's up to you to energize them.
  • No matter what tough employee morale problems crop up, you have to be ready to fix them. If you don't - it costs your company money.
  • Creating an employee motivation program is essential to building employee morale and decreasing employee turnover.

What if you have little or no budget for an employee motivation program?

You're not alone. Many companies don’t have any morale budget. However, don't despair! We can show you the secrets of raising morale without spending a lot of money. But, don’t kid yourself – to raise morale you must do something.

When it comes to employee morale – doing nothing is expensive!

The owner of a real estate company asked me to help her motivate her sales people. "What are you doing now to motivate them?" I asked.

"We have a breakfast once a month for those who have met their sales quotas," she replied. "The problem is that we haven't had breakfasts in several months because very few people have met their quotas."

She had motivation all backwards. First you have to motivate, then you will get the results. She lost millions of dollars in missed sales because she didn’t understand the secrets of energizing and motivating her sales staff.

Your employees need more than a paycheck, they need a –Psychological Paycheck–.

Your people expect a salary for the work they do, but they need more than money to remain loyal, enthusiastic workers. They also need a psychological paycheck. This means they need:

1. Social interaction with their co-workers
2. Respect and appreciation from their managers and peers
3. Opportunities to learn and become more valuable employees

You can give your employees this psychological paycheck without spending a lot of money when you have creative ideas. We’ll show you where to get them in a minute, but first let’s see what happened at the call center…

At the call center - One month later...

I returned to the call center a month later - in mid October. As I entered what last month was a stark white room, I was speechless! The call center's operations room had been transformed into a haunted house! Ghosts, goblins, and big black spiders were hanging from the ceiling and cobwebs were everywhere.

"The employees did it themselves! They brought in their own decorations. They were so excited! It really developed a team spirit," the manager excitedly explained.

And there's more...

A contest, matching employees with their baby pictures, was in process. "They are so excited about this contest. It's been going on all week and Friday they get to find out who is who," the manager proudly said.

But – Best of all…

"Everybody is so fired up, and the best part is that absenteeism is way down because nobody wants to miss out on all the fun! We've radically decreased our employee turnover which saves us a lot of money hiring and training new employees."

What about you? What are your employee morale problems?

  • A major change in company structure?
  • Employees being laid off?
  • Lack of communication?
  • A negative attitude?
  • Joylessness?
  • Low energy?
  • Co-workers don’t get along?
  • A gloomy atmosphere?
  • Stress?

The – Employee Morale Secrets - Power Pack – contains the solutions to your employee morale problems

Look at what's included... 8 Products PLUS Bonuses.

Employee Morale Assessment

Employee Morale Assessment.


Fire Up Your Staff on a Shoestring Budget - Manual

Fire Up Your Staff on a Shoestring Budget Manual

Action Plan Workbook

Fire Up Your Staff - Action Plan Workbook

101 Low Cost Morale Boosters that Energize Employees

101 Low Cost Morale Boosters that Energize Employees

Supervisors Appreciation Stationery eBook

Supervisors Appreciation Stationery


Recognition Certificates eBook

40 Employee Recognition Certificates


101 Captivating Motivational Quotes eBook

101 Captivating Motivational Quotes

The Little Book of Answers

The Little Book of Answers



These books contain the "Psychological paychecks" ... you can give your employees without costing you a lot of $$$

Here are the Details of each product.

Product #1

Employee Morale Assessment

Employee Morale Assessment

Quick Tips: (1 Min.)



Diagnosis is the first step to curing your employee morale problems.

Let your employees take the Assessment and you can evaluate employee morale in 7 Key areas.

  1. Employee Relationships - How you, your co-workers, and management get along.
  2. Company Communication - How well management keeps you informed.
  3. Appreciation & Recognition - How appreciated you feel on a daily basis.
  4. Employee Input - How your company values your creative ideas.
  5. Fulfillment - How meaningful your job is to you.
  6. Personal & Professional Growth - Opportunities to develop both your career and your personal qualities.
  7. Employee Spirit - How much positive energy and enthusiasm is generated at your workplace.

When you learn which areas need improvement, you can spend your time on the most effective morale boosters.

Product #2

Fire Up Your Staff on a Shoestring Budget – Manual

Fire Up Your Staff on a Shoestring Budget Manual

Quick Tips: (2 Min. 23 Sec.)

The Foundation of the Employee Morale Program

This in-depth manual explains everything from the basic concept of morale boosting to the many different approaches you can use. It leaves no stone unturned. Like a diamond, it has many facets – Ideas, Strategies, Activities, Forms & Certificates. Because this all-in-one manual is in a loose-leaf binder, you can simply take out the forms and certificates and copy them on your office copier.

These are just a few of the things you’ll find in the manual:

checkDozens of low cost reward ideas that will energize your staff

checkAward certificates and coupons you can copy and use over and over

checkAnnouncements for special events

checkLow cost ideas for celebrations and events

checkMorale boosters that work in 2 minutes or less

checkCreative low cost awards that show appreciation

checkHow to help employees set goals and stay motivated

checkHow to create Spirit Teams that generate enthusiasm

checkOver 50 personal development activities that don't cost a dime

checkUnique ideas for your employee newsletter

The Fire Up Your Staff on a Shoestring Budget manual can help every manager or business owner:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Build employee loyalty
  • Energize employees
  • Reduce absenteeism & turnover
  • Create a cooperative team spirit
  • Have happy employees who have fun at work
  • Create a positive environment where people are eager to come to work every day and do their best.

The results – loyal employees who put 100% effort into their work.

"I purchased your program about Boosting Morale on a Shoestring Budget. I incorporated several of your ideas and presented a morale boosting session to the nurse leaders I work with.

They were thrilled with the creativity and innovation.You can bet that I will be using it in the future to educate my colleagues and to reward my own staff." - Lisa Risse-Hatcher, Nursing Coordinator

Product #3

Fire Up Your Staff on a Shoestring Budget – Action Plan Workbook

Action Plan Workbook

Quick Tips: (1 Min. 17 Sec.)

Plan Your Morale Boosting Program

The Action Plan Workbook will help you plan all your employee motivation program activites for the year.

• Make copies for staff who will be planning your activities.

• Use it for committee meetings or a group planning workshop.

• Refer to it throughout the year for idea planning.

"The information in the Fire Up Your Staff on a Shoestring Budget manual was creative, fun and most importantly affordable! We just loved the special awards ideas, especially the -Unsung Hero- award."
- Cheryl Gray, Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Dallas, Texas.

"I am enjoying the "Fire Up Your Staff On A Shoestring Budget" manual. I utilize so many "morale boosters" and recognition ideas through out the course of my work, it is really nice to see a new list of ideas so my efforts do not become stale or redundant!" - Misty

"I've been using some of the ideas in the book for our team meetings and what used to be a session of complaints and numerous staff not showing up for the meeting has been replaced by questions of -'When is our next meeting?'- ........ all staff have been at every team meeting." - Bonnie B.

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Product #4

101 Low Cost Morale Boosters that Energize Employees

101 Low Cost Morale Boosters that Energize Employees

Quick Tips: (2 Min. 9 Sec.)

Tried and True Activities Proven to Raise Morale

Most supervisors or HR Managers are constantly looking for new creative ways to boost morale. If you are like them your #1 challenge is lack of a budget for Employee Morale.

The truth is – There are many activities that you can do for little or no money, and many take as little time as 10 minutes. The book, "101 Low Cost Morale Boosters that Energize Employees" is unique because it contains successful morale boosting activities which were contributed by supervisors and managers.


1. Recognition and Appreciation

2. Improving Employee Relationships

3. Creative Casual Days

4. Celebrating Birthdays

5. Fun Activities and Events

6. Lunchtime & Party Ideas

7. Creative Communication

8. Stress Busters

9. Staff Meeting Sparklers

10. Celebrating Holidays


Sample Activities from

101 Low Cost Morale Boosters that Energize Employees

Lunchtime and Party Ideas

Your Most Favorite Childhood Food

Contributed by Deana H. Adams

Everyone has some fond memories from childhood that are associated with a special food. During a pot lunch where employees have brought their special foods, everyone gets a few minutes to talk about their favorite food and their fondest childhood memory.”

This special lunch takes very little preparation, is easy on the budget, and gives employees a chance to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Employees can also bring copies of the recipes for everyone including his or her name in the title, for example - Paul's Firehouse Chili or Mary’s Down Home Apple pie.

Staff Meeting Sparklers

Buzzword Bingo

Contributed by Corinna Wright

Do you ever catch people falling asleep or just distracted during a long and boring meeting?

Try Buzzword Bingo!

Create several Bingo cards with words or phrases being used during the meeting’s topic of discussion such as:

“The system”, “Approval”, and “The accounting department.”

This will keep everyone on their toes and listening for the key words or phrases.

The winner receives gift certificates or the company’s promotional gifts.

And that's not all... There are 99 more creative activities that cost little or no money.

check19 Effective ways to show Recognition and Appreciation

check10 Powerful ways to Improve Employee Relationships

check5 Creative Casual Days

check3 Fun ways to Celebrate Birthdays

check18 Energizing Activities and Events

check13 Lunchtime & Party Ideas

check7 Creative Ways to Communicate With Your Staff

check5 Employee Stress Buster Activities

check9 Proven Strategies to Add Sparkle to Staff Meetings

check13 Unique ways to Celebrate Holidays

My favorite eBook is "101 Low Cost Morale Boosters that Energize Employees." The information is great. The ideas and activities are really bringing my staff together. Jennifer Perry


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Product #5

Supervisors Appreciation Stationery

Supervisors Appreciation Stationery

Quick Tips: (1 Min. 32 Sec.)

33 Sample Thank You letters show appreciation to your employees

If you struggle with finding the right words to write, your "Thank You Note headaches" are over. Now you can instantly write inspiring -Thank You Letters- because they are already written for you.

I absolutely love it. I have used the template letters in many different occasions.

For example, a co-worker helped me with a project, and I wanted to express my appreciation in a nice and professional manner. However, I didn't have the time to elaborate.

I turned into the ebook and ... bingo! I found the words needed to compose a very nice letter. - Claudia Torres

Appreciation is the #1 thing that employees want from their supervisors.

But, in reality... most supervisors don't have the time to compose thank you letters to their employees. Now, you can save time because we have written the letters for you.

Showing appreciation for work well done will help inspire your employees to greateraccomplishment, build greater morale and decrease employee turnover.

Two sample Thank You Letters from our eBook.

Dear Employee,

Thank you for your kindness to our new employee. Your hospitality was performed with encouragement and warmth.

Your ability to reach out put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a wonderful reflection of our caring organization. Through your positive attitude you have enlightened all of us!

With appreciation,
Your Supervisor,
Your Company

Dear Employee,

Thank you so much for being responsible about coming to work on time every day! I am grateful for your loyalty to our department and your interest in your job.

Your punctuality shows others what it means to be a caring employee, and it helps our company succeed on a daily basis. Your reliability is admired and valued.

With appreciation,
Your Supervisor,
Your Company


Some of the many sample Thank You Letters in the Supervisors Appreciation Stationery eBook.

  • Punctuality

  • Helping in a Crunch

  • Working from Home

  • Positive Attitude

  • Great Ideas

  • Enthusiasm

  • Dealing with a Difficult Customer

  • Learning a New Computer Program or Task

  • Filling-In for an ill Employee

  • Working Late

  • Managing the Office while Supervisor is Away

  • Saving Money on Office Supplies 21 more sample letters, each with a different thing to appreciate.

"We all did handwritten thank you notes for customer service week using the Supervisors Appreciation Stationery as a guide. The notes were mailed to our staff members' homes. Many of our staff brought them back to the office and proudly displayed them on their desks." - Adrienne Bronaugh

"Our GM was impressed with the simplicity of the letters which still convey a very important message. Sometimes people write letters which are so wordy the intent is lost."- Aon-as Tennant

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Product #6

40 Recognition Certificates eBook

Recogniton Certificates eBook

Quick Tips: (1 Min.)


(Three sample certificates)

Recogintion Certificates

Make a Difference Award

1 Year Anniversary

eBook of 40 Recognition Certificates

Give an award your employees will treasure, and it only costs you a piece of paper. These colorful certificates can be printed over and over... for years.

Customize the certificates with employees' names. Simply type in the recipient's name in the space provided. Then print.

Some of the 40 Recognition Certificates

checkAlways Being Willing to Help

checkCreating Employee Spirit

check Extraordinary Problem Solving

checkOutstanding Leadership

checkPositive Attitude

checkCompleting Staff Training

checkExceeding Sales Goal

checkOutstanding Team Member

checkWorkplace Anniversaries

checkJob Improvement

checkAnd 30 more colorful certificates



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Product #7

eBook - 101 Captivating Motivational Quotes

101 Captivating Motivational Quotes

Quick Tips: (2 Min.)


Instant Employee Attitude Adjustment!

I love using the "101 Captivating Motivational Quotes" in my workplace. I post one daily. Now my staff looks for them, and they let me know when I forget to post their "thought of the day". Great opportunity to make learning more fun! - Debbie Puglia

Print colorful full page size quotes in an instant, and create a positive workplace atmosphere.

Display them on your wall, bulletin board, desk or fridge!

checkOne large size quote to a page makes them easy to read from a distance when posted on walls and bulletin boards.

checkLarge colorful type is attractive and eye-catching getting people's attention.

checkFits in stand up plastic frame holders that you can put on lunchroom tables.

checkCan be printed on bordered paper or colored paper for even more impact.

checkGive as a gift or reward to your employees, association members, students, friends, and family.

checkEach full-page quote is displayed in a different color, and quotes are arranged in categories.

checkBecause it is an eBook, (in PDF format), you download it instantly, and can print a new quotation whenever your staff needs a burst of inspiration!

Sample printed quote with colorful fonts and design

motivational quote

Print the quotes without borders or on bordered paper (pictured above) that you can buy at the office supply.


Wall of Quotes

motivational quotes displayed on a wall

Quotes printed on bordered paper creat a dynamic wall display to motivate your staff.

(The quotes are formatted so that you can use any 1" bordered paper to print them on... or you can print them without borders.)

Life is full of challenges, and everyone can benefit from an uplifting quote!

Quote Categories

101 Quotes that will inspire and motivate your staff.

  • Attitude
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Freedom
  • Giving
  • Happiness
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Persistence
  • Relationships
  • Success
  • Teamwork
  • Wisdom

I have used them to address behaviors that have been problems by posting them in employee work areas, and they have helped to bring about discussion and resolution. - Marla Willis

Our department started " Weekly Words of Wisdom Bulletin Board" for all to see. We've received so many compliments. Employees look forward to the new quote of the week, and if we are late with our posting, they will be sure to let us know. - Tiffany Holliman

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Product #8

The Little Book of Answers

The Little Book of Answers

Quick Tips: (2 Min. 19 Sec.)

Weekly Personal Development Lessons in a Q & A Format to help your staff...

  • Feel more capable
  • Become more organized
  • Handle their money
  • Have more fun at work
  • Feel good about how they look
  • Motivate themselves
  • Improve their relationships
  • Keep their lives exciting

plus...44 more Q & A's to make life more enjoyable and meaningful.

It's Quick, Easy, and Effective!

Each Q & A is only one page long, and is accompanied by an exercise that can be used as a short weekly personal development program for your staff. Here is a sample page:

The Little Book of Answers
52 Life Changing Answers to help you create more happiness

How can I stop feeling so stressed?

Answer #29

Create a Relaxation Corner

With our hectic life-style, it’s easy to feel tense. Therefore, it’s important to take time every day to just sit, relax and enjoy the moment. Relaxation keeps your mind clear and your body healthy. After relaxing you will be able to get more done in less time. This week, schedule some relaxation time every day. Put it on your calendar, and keep your appointment with yourself.

Here’s a relaxation idea. Create a relaxation corner in your home. Equip it with a comfortable chair, CD or tape player, soft music, candles, and some inspirational material. Even spending as little as 10 minutes in your special corner every day will make a difference.

List other ways you could relax





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Planning Your Morale Booster Calendar -

How to Plan your Morale Booster Calendar, so you can "Motivate Employees All Year Long."

checkHow to Create Themes for the Month.

checkSample Monthly Calendars for the Whole Year.

checkRecorded Instructions (on planning your calendar that you can listen to on the web or download in mp3 format to your computer or iPod.)


Instructional Audio Recordings


Listen on the web or download in mp3 format to your computer or iPod.

checkHow to Set Up Employee Spirit Teams

checkHow to Have Great Days at work


CartoonsWorkplace cartoons eBook

Quick Tips: (1 Min. 23 Sec.)

Workplace Laughter Cartoons - eBook

17 cartoons to improve staff morale and job satisfaction, written by speaker/cartoonist, Mike Moore.

Laughter lowers stress. Print the cartoons in this eBook and post them on your bulletin board. Here are three sample cartoons.

cartoon cartoon cartoon


Telephone or Email Support

Telephone or Email Support

Lifetime Email support to help you answer any questions and jump start your morale boosting program.

100% Risk Free Lifetime Guarantee

Totally Risk Free 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Access to the Download Page.

  • Buy the Employee Morale Secrets - Power Pack, and use it for as long as you want.
  • If, at any time, you are not delighted with your purchase, you will be given a full refund. No Questions Asked!
  • If you lose any of the eBooks on your computer, buy a new computer, or even want an extra copy of the eBooks to read on your personal computer - no problem, you will have lifetime access to the download page.

There is simply NO RISK in purchasing the Employee Morale Secrets - Power Pack.

How to Buy the

Employee Morale Secrets - Power Pack

All eBooks and 4 bonuses in PDF format. Download instantly! Use them today!

(Use on your computer, or print the books and put in loose leaf notebooks.)

Regular price $500

Limited Time Special Discount Price - Now only $247.


• That's much less than the price of an ad for a new employee or the cost of the hours it takes to interview and train someone.

• That's much less than the money lost by an absent employee, or low productivity of unmotivated staff.

• Download the eBooks immediately, and start using them today.

• Remember our 100% No Risk Guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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