My favorite eBook is "101 Low Cost Morale Boosters that Energize Employees." The information is great. The ideas and activities are really bringing my staff together. Thanks for creating such a valuable resource! - Jennifer Perry

101 Low Cost Morale Boosters
that Energize Employees
- eBook

Tried and True Activities that Keep Employees Enthusiastic, Happy, and Loyal

by Harriet Meyerson



If you are a Supervisor or HR Manager, you need to read this page, now!


Would you like to know how only a few minutes of your time can help you Spark Employee Morale, Lower Absenteeism and Improve Productivity?

Most supervisors or HR Managers are constantly looking for new creative ways to boost morale. If you are like most supervisors or HR Managers your #1 challenge is lack of a budget for Employee Morale.

The truth is – There are many activities that you can do for little or no money, and many take as little time as 12 minutes or less.

Your solution: 101 Low Cost Morale Boosters that Energize Employees- eBook

These tried and true activities are guaranteed to raise morale fast. Many ideas were contributed by employees and supervisors who subscribe to our email newsletter.


Three Sample Activities from the eBook


You are the Treasure

Draw a treasure map of your office layout.
Put a star on the map where the appreciated employee works.

Next to it write,

"You are a treasure!"

Tape a Nestle's Treasures candy bar to the map.
Nestle's Treasures are Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter miniatures that come in a red and gold plastic bag with the word "Treasures" written across the front.

Lunchtime and Party Ideas

Your Most Favorite Childhood Food

Contributed by Deana H. Adams

Everyone has some fond memories from childhood that is associated with a special food. During a pot lunch where employees have brought their special foods, everyone gets a few minutes to talk about their favorite food and their fondest childhood memory.”

This special lunch takes very little preparation, is easy on the budget, and gives employees a chance to get to know each other on a more personal level.

At our lunch, each person told why the food made them feel good. We all got to know each other better.

Employees can also bring copies of the recipes for everyone including his or her name in the title, for example - Paul's Firehouse Chili or Mary’s Down Home Apple pie.

Staff Meeting Sparklers

Buzzword Bingo

Contributed by Corinna Wright

Do you ever catch people falling asleep or just distracted during a long and boring meeting?

Try Buzzword Bingo!

Create several Bingo cards with words or phrases being used during the meeting’s topic of discussion such as:

“The system”, “Approval”, and “The accounting department.”

This will keep everyone on their toes and listening for the key words or phrases.

The winner receives gift certificates or the company’s promotional gifts.


And that's not all... There are 98 more creative activities that cost little or no money.

Here is what you will learn.

  • 19 Effective ways to show Recognition and Appreciation
  • 10 Powerful ways to Improve Employee Relationships
  • 5 Creative Casual Days
  • 3 Fun ways to Celebrate Birthdays
  • 18 Energizing Activities and Events
  • 13 Lunchtime & Party Ideas
  • 7 Creative Ways to Communicate With Your Staff
  • 5 Employee Stress Buster Activities
  • 9 Proven Strategies to Add Sparkle to Staff Meetings
  • 13 Unique ways to Celebrate Holidays


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Thank You. I absolutely love the ebook, I think it will be a wonderful resource for us. I LOVE your website. I have gotten some ideas from there as well. - Tina Bennett

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